That’s G…On So Many Levels

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If you stop and think for a moment, Gatorade is probably one of the most popular brands both nationally and globally in today’s society. Even if you’re not an athlete or just don’t care that much about sports, it’s hard to avoid seeing Gatorade commercials on television, see them in magazines, or spot them on billboards while cruising the highway.

Gatorade commercials run on television regularly between the morning, afternoon, and especially the evening hours because they know that sports fans and athletes will be watching Sports Center at the top of each hour. From a demographic standpoint, these advertisements are reaching out and targeting any age group but teenagers and younger kids especially boys seem to be most attracted to Gatorade commercials.

Due to the fact that professional male and female athletes are featured in these commercials, put on billboards, and stuck in magazines drinking the many different colors of Gatorade, kids and teens see power, fame, intensity, and glory in what this highly successful company puts out into the media. Regardless of ethnic background, occupation, education, or income, people all over the country and the world enjoy these advertisements because they look up to these athletes and enjoy watching them perform at their best time and time again. Gatorade commercials instill in their audience that feeling of wanting to be like those athletes.

Now on the other hand, from a demographic point of view, Gatorade knows it’s reputation and popularity which only furthers
plays into it’s own favor. This massive corporation knows that it is mainly targeting sports fans and athletes so obviously those watching sports-related stations will be interested in watching a sporting event on ESPN or just trying to catch the latest edition of Sports Center. Gatorade guarantees that the motivations of their viewers are intended to watch sports so they use that to their advantage by promoting a sports drink which meets the standards and needs of every athlete when competing and performing.

I love the Gatorade commercials as much as I enjoy drinking Gatorade while playing sports or after a solid workout at the gym. Personally I think Gatorade does an outstanding job of effectively reaching it’s target audience. Strategically, they advertise on the best suitable television stations and at the correct times in addition to making their advertisements look visually appealing, very attracting to the eyes of their audience, and making a long lasting impression on their audience.


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