Which Five Will I Meet? Only Time Will Tell

One of my favorite books ever is The Five People You Meet In Heaven, because I find that it has truly made a significant difference in my life. The story is fiction, and I was actually reccommended to read it by one of my summer camp counsellors so my mother went out and bought it for me to read.

I really enjoyed this book and I do not think I will ever forget this story because it made such a great impact on my life. This was one of those stories that really hit my soft spot and touched me like no other way I could have imagined. The main character, Eddie, had a simple, yet historically eventufl, and somewhat sad life, but there were many events that occured in his life that had much more meaning than he realized at the moment.

This book reminds me of the movie, It’s a Wondeful Life, because it has that similar aspect of showing the main character how
their life is valued, and how much of an impact they had on others lives just as others affected their own life. One part of the movie that stuck out to me the most was at the very end when Eddie met Tala, the girl who died in the village fire in the Phillipines during World War II. Since I read the book and watched the movie I noticed how visual and descriptive both made that scene stick in my head.

Tala being the last girl Eddie meets in heaven is most significant to me because it’s amazing that even though they first met or were in the same place during their lives for about five minutes, he apparently had such a great impact on her life and now here she was in heaven to teach him something. Her main lesson for him was to show him that he led a good life, had so many people around him who cared about and loved him dearly, and the fact that he wanted to save her in the fire meant more than anything.

I hold Tala’s teachings to be very true in reality because so many of us take our own lives for granted just because some days we forget how much others around us care about us. This book points out a very important lesson in life and demonstrates it through perfect examples in this story.

This book had a very positive impact on my life. Ever since I read the book and watched the movie, my faith and belief in God and in heaven has become stronger. I also have learned to realize that even on the cloudiest days when I forget that my friends and family are there for me, they truly are and will always be there. I think that the book influenced me this way because I believe it’s the truth. I am convinced by the message of this story. Today the book still influences me because I have more of a preference to read books that have similar plots or follow a faith related plot structure.

Here is a link to the Five People You Meet in Heaven: http://mitchalbom.com/d/books/3874/five-people-you-meet-heaven


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