I’m Envious of ESPN’s Power and Decisions


The biggest question on my mind right now is why the Chicago Cubs still continue to play on Sunday night baseball on ESPN in front of the whole nation year after year when they are just as bad as my favorite team. Sure the Royals have a losing record every year, but so do the Cubs most of the time. They haven’t won a World Series in over a century. Again, sure the Royals are a newer organization and started out pretty good and have had their bad spell for the last fifteen seasons. However, my point is that ESPN could be putting any team near the ranking of the Royals, Cubs, Padres, Pirates, Reds, Mariners, and Athletics.

Size and popularity of the television markets in cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, and some areas north and south like Florida, Minnesota, and Michigan matter more than Kansas City. Same goes for Pittsburgh and Seattle at least in baseball. Every sport differs but generally those markets are larger so they get the easy decision to have their teams play more frequently on prime time TV. It’s all about politics and it does not make sense.

The Cubs are playing the Cardinals tonight and both teams are behind in the NL Central. Great game to watch. I don’t even care about the rivalry that’s a stupid reason to have the Cubs play instead of the Royals.


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