LGBT and GAP Working Together


The Greek Alliance Program and Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Group gave out free T-shirts last Tuesday.

LGBT was trying to raise awareness for National Coming Out Day on Tuesday Oct. 11th.

“We gave out T-shirts to correspond with the day and to raise awareness for Greek life involvement,” senior Pi Kappa Alpha Steven Crudele said.

Free T-shirts were distributed to students involved with Greek life on campus because the T-shirt event itself was geared toward Greek life. Greek life members who asked for a t-shirt were also asked to fill out an ally pledge card.

LGBT and the Greek Alliance Program worked together to raise awareness about both organizations. The Greek Alliance Program formed last spring to connect the Greek community on campus.

“The main challenges we currently face are getting every chapter onboard and getting into contact with them,” Crudele said.

Crudele talked about a Chapter Assessment Program, a routine assessment that each chapter must complete so Greek Organizations agree with questions, concerns, and issues. The Greek community needs to know each chapter’s goals, ambitions and ideas to benefit each other and their community as a whole.

Many chapters on campus are unfamiliar with the program and their motives. Crudele talked about how much of a process it was just to get the program started. He had to talk a lot with Student Government members and convince people both inside and outside the Greek community to join his cause.

An election process took place to fill eight positions on the Greek Alliance Program Executive Board. Crudele holds one of those spots.

Another goal he discussed was about appointing delegates from each chapter, stating that “delegates would not be on E-Board because we already have eight E-Board members. At the same time the E-Board members would not be delegates either.”

Crudele said that the Greek Alliance Program is not a sub-division of overall Greek life by any means.

“The Greek Alliance Program is its own separate organization.”

A huge issue on campus surrounding Greek life is the discouragement from rushing a fraternity or sorority. Many students feel excluded from the Greek life crowd and therefor do not feel it worth trying to join a chapter on campus.

“Our goal is to make sure that everyone is being included. We want to make sure that students feel comfortable rushing,” Crudele said.

The Greek Alliance Program also hopes to eliminate division among the chapters on campus. They are trying to make Greek life more cohesive and supportive of each other. This idea of having chapters working together is a top priority for this program.


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