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So Joe Pa is out. That can only mean one thing, and one thing only. Penn State Football shall suffer losing seasons and misery until a worthy coach can fill such a tremendous and honorable position to follow the legend who led the Nittany Lions to so many wins.

It’s unfortunate what happened regarding the whole sexual abuse scandal. However, I do not feel any sympathy toward Coach Joe Paterno because he was aware of the entire situation. He reported it to the Athletic Director at the University, NOT THE POLICE! Very poor choice and unfortunate mistake.

Joe Pa being fired takes the entire spotlight off of the other two coaches and Athletic Director who initially took on most of the heat and attention.

In other news, I recently read about the kidnapping of Washington Nationals Catcher, Wilson Ramos. It is truly scary how many of these kinds of kidnapping occurrences have actually happened over the years in Venezuela and other Latin American countries.

Those professional athletes who both play and reside in the United States should really appreciate how fortunate they are to live in this country. Most people on average do not try to harm NFL or MLB players because we look up to them and see them as role models and heroes.

In poor countries in South America, these MLB players are better off and much more wealthy compared to the majority of other citizens. So these kidnappers have found new ways to attempt to trade for money by making ransoms in hopes of benefiting themselves.

We can only pray and hope Ramos is okay and that he is rescued and returned to his family safely.



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