Playoffs? Yeah Towson’s Talkin’ about Playoffs!


Last year, one win. This year…nine.

Towson Football is not the same disappointing and pathetic program it used to be. Even the year before I came to Towson as a freshman, upperclassmen would tell me that the football team only won one or two games the year before. I was under the impression that we had always “sucked.”

It was time to do some research.

Head coach Rob Ambrose only started taking over the football program in 2008. So how much can you really expect from a coach after a couple of seasons? Sure the team took some beatings their first and second seasons under his reign.


Yeah that was a lame joke at making fun of the song “Look at me now” by Chris Brown, Bhusta Rhymes, and Lil Wayne.

Seriously though, three combined wins in two seasons prior to this year. Now we’ve turned that around and won 9 and only lossed at Maryland and to Delaware. Yet we only lossed 28-3 at Maryland. If they were to play up to their true potential they should have killed us. The Delaware game came down to the final seconds, just coming up short of a hail mary pass to seal a miracle win.

Either way, Towson gets a first round bye before resuming play after Thanksgiving break. What a feeling right? Going home to your families as a CAA Champion. Congratulations Towson Tiger football players and thank you for your hard work to bring the crown to Towson.

Let’s not stop there though. We’ve restored the roar, now it’s time to keep the roar alive and make it louder than ever. Let’s see action and let’s see playoff wins!


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