Now This Has Gone TOO FAR!

We’ve all heard about police brutality, but sometimes things just get way out of hand.


And all the way across the country on the campus of University of California, Davis. Those were students, simply just exercising their freedom of expression. If you’re the campus police, sure give warnings and notify the students to disperse from said locations. However, pepper spraying is such an unnecessary and inhumane choice of action.

“As campus police, let’s not beat our students into some sense, but rather let’s sting their eyes. Sure yeah that will work because technically, we’re not harming them.”

No that’s not a quote from anyone, that’s just my way of  joking about what could have been going through the mind of whoever made the decision to have the campus police resort to pepper spray.

I haven’t even watched the whole video yet but I am in awe of what I watched through the first minute.


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