Way to go Kobe…..Sigh

Tiger did it, many have done it, and now Kobe has fallen. No surprise.


Article: http://msn.foxsports.com/nba/story/kobe-bryant-wife-vanessa-bryant-allegedly-caught-him-cheating-with-multiple-women-121811

Los Angeles Lakers superstar veteran Kobe Bryant’s wife, Vanessa Bryant has filed for divorce. Apparently Kobe has been caught with multiple women over the years and even his teammates and their wives have decided to confront Vanessa about the truth.

After reading this article at Fox Sports online, reading this was critical:

“Vanessa Bryant stuck by her husband when he was accused of sexually assaulting an employee at a Colorado hotel in 2003.”

That’s pathetic Kobe. Your own wife stood by you in support after you were accused of sexual assault on a 19 year old girl. In addition, she still hung around as your wife after you admitted to having sex with that girl. What kind of husband are you to be sleeping with women so much younger than you and behind your wife’s back?

This kind of behavior is just so immature. Because superstar athletes, famous music artists, and other celebrities are constantly divorcing, running in and out of relationships, and sleeping around constantly, this has a tremendous effect on the younger generations of society.

Guys in college are “respected” because they get all the girls. That might be great and all but it’s a damn shame that all people care about anymore is sex and moving from partner to partner. The average person could care less to get to know the other person and invest in a relationship.

Sure some people are just having fun through high school, college, and their young adult life. However these professionals and role models we look up to are a huge reason why kids look at girls, and their motives toward girls the way they do. Divorce rates are constantly increasing more and more all the time. Cheating is a huge factor in that increasing rate, and it’s pretty sad.

So congratulations Kobe. You might still be a king on the court but are you really a king in the eyes of your kids and Vanessa? Your wife is a very beautiful woman I don’t understand why you’d go around seeing other women like that it just doesn’t make sense.


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