Efficient Hibernation

Winter break is fantastic because it allows a students in college to really catch up on sleep. And having over a month to relax and do so makes everything better.

That’s Towson University for you. We are off from December 21st to January 29th this year. Last year I was so bored I was dying to go back. This year, i’m working, studying my Chinese, and doing a number of other daily activities to stay busy.

I’m also going to bed before eleven on most nights so I can wake up before nine to get started on my day. And believe me I feel great. One of my suite-mates at school usually goes to sleep around ten and is always well rested and performs very well in school. If we all got our eight hours of sleep a night imagine how much more fresh, enthusiastic, and positive we would be in the morning and throughout the day.

Instead of staying up playing video games, watching television, and spending useless time on facebook during nights with nothing productive to do, go to bed. You’ll be thankful you got that extra sleep before midnight instead of sleeping into through half the day.


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