Latest Muzak my ears are taking in

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Here’s a pretty classy and entertaining music video — at least for today’s society. What I really enjoy is how this rap duo, Chiddy Bang, creatively plays off of past generations and the music before our time. They cater toward modern audiences, even with throwback attire, outdated background choreography, and successfully pay tribute to Ray Charles in a celebratory manner.


The video is simplistic, with traditional black and white contrasting with newly introduced vibrant colors of today’s entertainment. This is truly a very well made video, full of action, enthusiasm, overall outstanding video production to say the least. I thoroughly enjoyed watching it a lot and I hope you do too, because it’s definitely not your average hip-hop music video.

Another music video that I first thought was pretty strange but learned to like the more I watched it is: The Game, Tyler, The Creator, and Lil Wayne’s Martians Vs. Goblins.

This video is very creative. These three music artists are demonstrating how they truly differ from the society they live in. Among the lyrics are some pretty notable blasts of other music artists. Some of the lyrics don’t even make sense to me yet. What I think is funny is how Lil Wayne is not even present in the video but he speaks during the chorus. There is even a line where The Game uses an expletive in a sentence toward Tyler but I think that shows their laid back relationship as friends.

Check those videos out more to come soon about the music I’m listening to and the music artists I’m following. Let me know what you think and let me know of some good artists and songs as well!



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