Some National Championship Game

Well I’m certainly glad that I chose to play NBA Live and FIFA as opposed to watching the entire BCS National Championship game last night. Once the bowl games were announced a week ago, I figured LSU and Alabama would eventually meet up anyway.


I highly doubt anyone expected the game to go the way it did last night though.


We caught bits of the third quarter and the final ten minutes of the fourth and that was more than enough. Congratulations to Alabama for beating LSU because I’d rather see bama win than the Tigers. However, it’s shocking that the number one ranked team in America who went undefeated all season, beat Alabama, and won the SEC Conference Championship, couldn’t even manage 100 yards (IN TOTAL!). LSU finally got passed the 50 yard line late in the fourth when the game was over. When you’re number one and you lose because the other team kicks five field goals on you and you aren’t even able to score that’s embarrassing. The Wisconsin/Oregon Rose Bowl game should have been played last night instead of that boring fiasco. LSU only had five first downs and converted on just 2 of 12 third downs. When comparing Quarterbacks it’s like comparing first to third string or NFL to high school. Alabama’s AJ McCarron went 23 for 34 for 234 yards while Jordan Jefferson of LSU only completed 11 passes for 53 yards including an interception. One key factor that led Bama over the Tigers is that LSU’s offense continued running that option play into the fourth quarter, and it never worked. Time after time Jefferson would pitch the ball back after not even selling the run at all. Every option play nearly took a two or three yard loss.

Now if you happen to be an LSU fan good for you, your team won and you got to see what you wanted after all the hype behind LSU. But honestly the SEC is annoying and boring me to death. For the past six seasons an SEC team has won the national championship game and this is enough. This is exactly why college football needs playoffs.


2 thoughts on “Some National Championship Game

    1. I agree. I don’t usually watch those teams play at all because they hardly ever score very many points on each other. Plus who wants to watch the same top ranked teams play all the time? I’d rather watch when an underdog goes up against Alabama or LSU.

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