Stay Hungry Kid


Recently I’ve been working as a bar-back at a local restaurant called, George’s. It’s a nice place, and I enjoy it despite not getting paid that much. As my manager says, “It’s a stepping stone.” Beginning as a bar-back will ultimately give me greater confidence as I transition into future job opportunities.

I seem to recall that my manager also once said that if you work in a restaurant you should never be hungry. Sorry boss but I disagree with that. It’s human nature to be hungry. Regardless if you’ve been working in the kitchen, waiting tables, or working as a hostess, if you smell or see food you should be hungry especially when you’re on your feet working long hard hours. Your hunger should be like your mindset. You should stay hungry like you’re working hungry for the money and hungry for the success. Athletes, celebrities, musicians, small business owners, CEO’s, and average workers have to stay hungry at all times to stay motivated to work hard and to get what they want.

I don’t care if you’ve been in the food business for five, six, seven years! You have to eat and you have to stay hungry.


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