Time for an Update

So I have officially started my spring semester of my sophomore year here at Towson University. Just to introduce myself to all of my classmates and Professor Atwater in Mass Comm. 258, my name is Alex Lu. I am a mass communications major hoping to continue my love of writing, learn more about anything the mass communication field has to offer, and also learn how to make money. That’s why I have started taking some business related classes. I am from Villanova, Pennsylvania where I split time living with Big Mama and Papa Lu. I also have a younger brother (15), sister (10), and an irish terrier. I hope to work harder than ever in school this semester, continue working part-time, keeping up with exercising and sports. As I said, I love writing and music has progressively become more of an influence in my life. That’s me and I can’t wait to enjoy this semester and 2012 getting to know everyone in Mass Comm 258. Let’s have fun!


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