Ping Pong Balls and Water Becomes Threatening

Recently, my RA (Resident Assistant) held a floor meeting. I learned that it is illegal to play the game of “water pong” within the premises of the dormitory.

How odd and whack is that?


I’m not saying i’m dying to play water pong, but it’s just a game where people shoot ping pong balls into cups with water in them. If there’s no alcohol inside the room or in the cups then what’s the big deal?

To certain building representatives, the big deal is that it mimics, or is originated from beer pong.

Regardless of what they say, I seriously think that’s very strange. Just to piss them off I would like to get some cups that aren’t even party cups, pour water in them and shoot crumpled-up balls of paper into them as a game and see what they say.

Colleges are psychotic, they become increasingly more tangled and twisted in the mind every year.


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