Bracket Breakers….There goes my 10 Bucks


This wasn’t supposed to happen. It wasn’t David over Goliath, it was just pathetic, sad, and unable to be explained.

Tell me how Norfolk State beats Mizzou and better yet, how the Blue Devils lossed to little ol Lehigh from northern Pennsylvania. Who is Norfolk State anyhow? I guess it doesn’t matter because like me, a lot of people out there had their brackets ruined over the course of one Friday night.

My final four is Missouri, Baylor, Ohio State, and Michigan. Two of those final four teams are out in my bracket. Being a Kansas State
fan, I am more than content with Mizzou losing. I think it’s awesome that Duke lossed as well, but it’s still crazy to just think about that
game. I was working at the restaurant on Friday night and got to see the customers at the bar react so hysterically to all the madness going on during just the second day of tournament play.

It’s just a shame that Norfolk State and Lehigh couldn’t win in the second round. Honestly I think they spent so much energy on the first round game to pull of the upset that they were then too exhausted to repeat that kind of performance two days later.

Well, that is why they call it “March Madness”, every year something happens and teams come out of nowhere. Look at the bracket now, who would have thought that 11 seded NC State and 13 seded Ohio would be in the sweet sixteen? They are also in the same bracket so imagine if 1 sede North Carolina and 2 sede Kansas both lose! A UNC guard did just break his wrist unfortunately. Perhaps that is just the edge that Ohio needs to win later this week.


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