Who I’m Watching


Lately, my kid brother has gotten me hooked on videos by Life According to Jimmy. I can relate to these kinds of Youtube videos because Jimmy Tatro implements so much college humor in addition to daily life occurrences that we can all understand and relate to. From awkward situations, to relationships, to satirizing the latest trends and things that annoy us involving the media and social interactions, Jimmy does it best. He has a very laid-back, comical, and humorous personality that always makes me laugh.

The first video I saw was Shit Frat Guys Say. It made fun of those stereotypical frat dudes who talk, act, and dress to fit the social norm of being in a “Frat”. All of his short films about Fraternity Life humor me because I am a Brother of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity at Towson University so I understand the way he is satirizing Greek affiliated lifestyles. Before getting involved with Greek life, I used to make assumptions about stereotypical “Frat Guys”. After becoming a member of Kappa Sigma, I realized that there are some guys and girls out there who fit the Greek life stereotype while others do not. It’s just like any category of people in life.

I definitely understand where Jimmy is coming from, as well as his personal perspective and opinions. The topics of discussion for his videos are great and he ends up leading these skits to make them hilarious. The manner in which he mocks people and those outrageous trends is genius. Finally, I absolutely love how he incorporates all of his guy and girl friends to help him with his videos and make them more practical.

Before watching Jimmy’s channel, I used to watch a lot of Ryan Higa. I still do from time to time, but Jimmy definitely has caught my attention and I seriously recommend his video channel for others to check out!


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