End of Sophomore Slump…And the Start of Summer 2012

Ah how it is great to be back home!

My sophomore school year at Towson University was memorable and full of excitement and progress. Although I did not succeed academically the way I had planned, I finished out the spring semester alright. The wake up call has hit me, and I now know what I have to do during my junior and senior year.

None the less, it feels great to be home with family, friends, and home cooked food. This summer I plan on working two jobs, studying my Chinese, researching and staying current with what’s going on in Zhuhai (where i’ll be studying abroad in the fall semester), and spending time with friends and family.

As usual I hope to keep living life to the fullest and that means taking advantage of every opportunity I get. I want to make these next couple of months at home great because I plan on being in China for a whole school year. I am very excited for China but I really need to appreciate as much of America as I’ll get before I leave.

As far as baseball goes, Go Royals! I just pray that they win enough to finish this season out with a .500 record.


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