Step back and take a look at it all

I am twenty years old and I do not know what it is exactly that I would like to do after college. Some days I simply wonder to myself, well what’s my calling? What do I want to do in this life and how do I meet my goals?


The older you get you start to realize that things are always changing and you become amazed at how fast time flies. Adults also start popping the question at you more often, “so what do you want to do with your major after college?”

With mass communications I know that I enjoy writing, interviewing, using video, and photography. However I want to make money and see the big picture of business. Working as just a writer seems so limited in my eyes. The challenge is figuring out a way to learn about finance, the economy, and the global market to help my background knowledge even further.

Since I plan on studying abroad in China over the next school year, my summer goals consist of keeping my Chinese language skills in  tune, researching as much about Zhuhai (where I will be studying) as possible, and paying attention daily to the global economy.

Big Mama gave me a new camera for my birthday back in April. While I am in China I aim to document my travels and week to week updates on living and school life.

If there is one aspect about my life that is certain now, I definitely need to make my junior and senior years at school the best that  they will be. Oddly enough it feels as if the days of being a kid are over but I definitely know that they are just changing. These days feel good in a changing but better way.


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