Blasting The Book


Facebook used to be cool.

Now it’s one of the most annoying aspects of the media and social interaction out there. I am not even friends with half the people I am “friends” with on the book. It’s time for a re-check.

I used to have close to one thousand friends on FacePage before I cut my friends list down to about 300. I like to refer to this depletion process as “300 is the new 1000”. Believe me when I say that I had no problems or differences with any of those people. Most of those friends I had on Facebook were people that I hardly ever spoke to. They just added me for the hell of it.

This is not a problem it’s just that every time I log on, I see hundreds of posts, pictures, and other applications all linked to people I hardly know or talk to on a regular basis anyway.

Some people drop their Facebook entirely. I enjoy using it for pictures and group organizing for events, school, and work related features. However, it’s simply just nonsense to have more than even one hundred friends on there because there is no way anyone keeps current with conversations and real interactions in life with one thousand people or more.

This social media website has become all about popularity and competition and not about it’s first intended purpose.

Seriously, take a look and reflect on your daily use with Facebook and see who you actually talk to, interact with, and truly know on more than an internet basis.


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