Get Off His Back Already

“Lebron James is a champion…..finally, it’s about time.”


That is what all the highly critical people have to say about King James finally getting a ring after several seasons in the NBA. Haters are always going to hate, and they will never let up. That is just a fact of human nature.

You know what? I’m glad he got the ring, the trophy, and all of his glory. He deserves it, and he worked hard for it. Lebron endured struggle after struggle to get there. Sure, I wanted to see this years Finals go to game 7. However, I am so happy the Heat won the championship this year so that at least for now, people are somewhat forced to get of Lebron’s back.

So what if his time with Cleveland ended on a bad note and he didn’t start winning six championships right out of the gate? How many
players are even capable of doing that? Jordan did not win his first championship until several seasons had passed with the Bulls. James went into Cleveland (already a dying sports town) and made the Cavaliers a playoff contending team. There was simply just not the help he needed around him. While Jordan was in Chicago he just found a way after a while to make his teammates better and they worked as a team to win several championships.

Lebron, Wade, and Bosh all came together in Miami along with the help of Chalmers and other side players to win a championship after failing last year in the finals. That is impressive and I think the Heat will still be very competitive over the next decade if they keep this up.

So all of you Lebron haters saying, “he should not be called the king”, and criticizing all the hype around him, lay off and shut your mouths. You are the reason there is half the hype around him. All of these questions created about Lebron and his leadership are all thanks to the media and those sports analysts who just love to spark fire and hate around players who already sit in the hot seat. When you play in New York City, Los Angeles, and places like Miami, you are already subjected to such expected criticism. It is simply inevitable.

Lebron James proved to everyone that he is more than capable of winning a championship and he knows he could not have accomplished this milestone without his teammates. He was focused and determined since the start of his career. It just took him some time. And yet he remains 27 years old? That’s prime age. I bet he’ll pop out another two within five or seven years. It’s not like he’s 35 and playing with nagging injuries every game and still hoping for a ring. He has more time than anyone gives him credit for to be able to bang out more championship runs.

Say all you want about how much you hate Lebron James but really it’s just you being ignorant, immature, and critical when you couldn’t even find a better argument behind your mindset of despising such a player. And please I’d love to hear what someone wants to say about James now that he’s won a title.


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