Still Not Good Enough

Don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled to hear that College Football is going to start a 4-team playoff format. But that won’t go into effect until the 2014 season.


Besides, four teams is not enough for playoffs. The MLB has at least 6 teams per league go into the playoffs. College football should really let the top 8 ranked teams enter a playoff bracket. This theoretical idea would truly allow for all the drama and debate to wash away because those 8 teams would have had to work their way to enter those top spots in the country. Currently, computers and politics sway the favor of certain teams making particular bowl games.

In addition to that, a lot of the bowl game decisions do not make sense. How is it that Alabama and LSU can play in the national championship game when one of those teams did not even play in their own conference championship game? It just doesn’t make sense.

If College Football wants to please the entire nation, the fans, players, coaches, and all the media, they need to allow for an eight-team seeded bracket at the end of the season after conference championships. The remaining team outside of the top eight can still play for bowl games though, that seems fair.

What’s your opinion on this collegiate athletic matter? Please, do tell.


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