The Real July 4

We all know July 4th is the day America won its independence from Britain. Yet, I notice most people don’t even reflect on that during the holiday. All people care about is fireworks, cookouts, the beach, and great sales at the mall.

Don’t get me wrong all that jazz is awesome. But, it’s just sad that every year more and more people forget what holidays are truly about. Society has made these important days an excuse to get off work and celebrate. However, most people don’t realize what they’re celebrating.

Countries in Europe and Asia still remain very old-fashioned and traditional when gathering together to reflect, celebrate, and honor their holidays. Americans still have the right intentions, but they have just forgotten the meaning behind the holidays we hold sacred.

Last night I thought about what it must have been like to fight countless battles as an American soldier against the British. We should be proud of those soldiers that gained the freedom that we continue to hold even to this day. Without those events taking place so long ago, we may have not reached the point in history we see ourselves in as a nation today.


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