Starting a Trend for Young People…And Hopefully For The Better


Notre Dame Linebacker Manti Te’o says he is dropping his Twitter account and may never use social media ever again.

In all seriousness, it takes guts to cut yourself off from any social media platform in today’s society. Kids in elementary school are more obsessed with group text messaging and other online social applications than I am as a college student.

Despite all the attention Te’o received for weeks about the relationship scam he was involved in, ultimately he’s in charge of the way his professional football career goes. Defining himself as player will be based on how he performs under the NFL spotlight. Most people respect him as a football player. Plenty of athletes have fallen under a negative view from the media before him so to me it’s not that big of a deal.

Hopefully, he does stick to his plan to put social media aside. Not many people are capable of doing that these days. Sometimes teachers will challenge their students to go a week without social media and it absolutely kills them inside.

After reading this article about Te’o on social media, it got me thinking that the issue which really matters right now is how sad the world has become. Every day when I walk to campus, sit in class or even just grab dinner with friends, smart phones are out and at work. Real conversations are replaced with excitement about what’s new with Tinder and Snapchat, or who tweeted what and especially all the latest gossip and arguments on Facebook.

Te’o may be calling it quits with social media because of a loss of trust and a higher sense of caution. Nobody necessarily needs to give up social media all together, but at least have some self control. Personally I prefer to call people instead of texting. In addition, I don’t check my phone for Facebook and Twitter whenever i’m bored or just waiting for class to start.

People act the same way with music. Earphones are a way for people to shut everyone out while they walk to class or take the bus to work. Advertisements and political campaigns on TV may be calling for us a s a world to move forward, but all I’ve noticed is that we now live in a world where human contact has experienced a severe disconnect on a daily basis.


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