Change for the better


Gym class has officially changed.

According to a New York Times online article, kids in elementary school across the country are now balancing math problems, laws of nature and even basic fundamental skills during common P.E. activities. Children review math concepts, balance on one arm in the push-up position while stacking over-sized Lego blocks in organized columns labeled “ones”, “tens” and “hundreds”. Some activities require a problem to be solved before advancing to the next check-point in a game.

What I don’t understand is why some parents object to this new and unconventional approach. During my years in high school, gym class was boring and never taken seriously. I spent more time standing around than actually getting good exercise. Besides, school life is not the same that it used to be. Adolescents should be growing up with more challenges than just running the mile and playing made-up games. The real world requires you to think on your feet and incorporate intellect, strength and creativeness in many situations.

I support this new way of conducting P.E. classes. Kids already play sports in elementary, middle and high school so it’s not like gym class will make much of a difference when one class period is generally forty minutes. Parents who are worried about their child’s health and fitness should seriously rethink the way they perceive physical education and how life at school works these days. Kids are more likely to get their exercise playing sports, exercising on their own or even just getting off the couch watching TV and playing on their smart phones.

Today’s world has kids consumed by technology and social media. Even though my generation was thrown into it as well, I still remember the good days of being a kid in the 90’s and playing outside every day after school. Sure we watched TV and played video games, but street hockey and manhunt were much more of a priority.


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