Some New Music


This past week I discovered a new underground duo: Scott and Brendo. These guys most likely fall between the gray area of alternative music mixed with electronic, pop, and hip-hop genres; because their music combines acoustic and computer-generated beats along with varying vocal styles.

I found out about this duo thanks to an old roommate from last year. About two weeks ago, he sent me a video featuring some very talented pro scooter riders. Besides watching in awe at how many tricks those guys landed, I instantly became hooked on the music.

Scott and Brendo make a lot of music for YouTube star, Devin Graham (better known as devinsupertramp). When I listen to their songs, I feel very relaxed and positive. In addition, the music videos that have featured their music are very unique and fun to watch.

Just in case you are looking for some new music to get into, I strongly recommend these guys. A couple of my favorite songs are Northwest, Deep Blue and Little Voices.

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