Girl’s Got Game released an article about 28-year-old Lauren Silberman participating in the upcoming NFL combine. She played club soccer at the University of Wisconsin and according to her father, she has kicked a 40 yard field goal despite having no experience as a kicker before.



That is pretty cool. I wish the best to her and hope she performs well at the New Jersey Regional Combine on March 2-3.

What’s more interesting is the fact that this girl is both intelligent and very accomplished. While at MIT, she received her Master’s Degree and went on to found her own company that helps athletes train with the assistance of video games.

From reading what she told reporters, it’s safe to say that no matter what the outcome of the combine is, she has a career somewhere. It’s not like she is taking a huge gamble and putting work or school aside to dedicate her heart and soul for this opportunity. However, regardless of her background, if she can continue to kick 40-yarders, that should impress some coach.

Plenty of kickers can kick from 40 yards and beyond but not many can come through during game time or in the clutch. Perhaps Silberman will be the next lady of luck in times of dire need.


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