I’m not a huge fan of rapper 50 Cent but I occasionally enjoy his music. So when I first stumbled upon this YouTube video, I couldn’t help but think that his odd and funny behavior was caused by drugs or alcohol. Obviously since this event takes place at the Daytona 500, alcohol is definitely present. However, I actually think that he might just be acting goofy during the time of this broadcast when ESPN Reporter Erin Andrews happens to run into him.

The good thing is that she plays it off well. Even though she shakes her head away from him as he goes in for the kiss, she doesn’t get upset or cause a scene. It’s not like he was all over her he just went in for a kiss and who could blame any guy for making an attempt? Andrews is a very pretty woman and she is probably used to these kind of humorous encounters. Nothing beyond a good bit of awkward fun was meant by 50 Cent in my opinion.

Moreover, I respect Andrews a whole lot actually. Not only is she a successful reporter for one of the most-watched sports networks but she has overcome guys treating her a certain way and incidents like the one a few years ago when someone was accused of spying on her while she was naked in her hotel room.

A video like this was funny and amusing to watch, and realistically not a huge ordeal to be worried about.


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