Are You Serious?


According to, Alabama has offered a scholarship to eight grader and 2017 prospect Dylan Moses. Go ahead and watch this video because it is pretty amusing and hilarious especially at 00:52.

However, I completely disagree with the extremely early decision to offer a scholarship to a kid who is 14 years old. The game changes as everyone gets older and actually grows to their full potential size later on in high school.

Okay so right now that kid is fast, hits hard and is freakishly big so he can bowl everyone over. So what? I think Alabama has gone too far this time to even be scouting someone that young, immature, naive, and unprepared to even think about the NFL.

Why feed into his ego even more? A kid like him is probably walking around thinking he’s super cool just because he’s that good at football. This kind of pressure put on him this early will only result in him turning into a bust later on.

The game of football has sadly become so important that scouts go to all extremes just to find these kids when they’re still sprouting.


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