QB Alex Smith to Kansas City


Not only am I pumped for baseball season because of all the changes the Royals have made, but I am obviously looking forward to next fall.

After a disastrous 2-14 season with Cassel failing to lead a young and talented team with plenty of stars on both offense and defense, and Javon Belcher’s murder-suicide tragedy, Kansas City needs a fresh start.

Despite the horrific events that will probably haunt Romeo Crennel and Scott Pioli for a long time, I believe it was for the best for them to leave this organization. The addition of Andy Reid as head coach and to oversee all football operations, and the latest Alex Smith trade has made me very optimistic.

In addition, the Chiefs still get the number one overall pick in this spring’s draft. On March 12, the trade will actually become effective and Smith will go to Kansas City in return for the 49ers receiving a pair of draft picks, one being in the second round.

The Chiefs still have a very fast and hard-hitting defense. Hopefully this year’s draft will strengthen their offensive line because I believe that scoring and consistency has been their main weakness over the past few years. If they hope to keep Wide Receiver Dwayne Bowe, they need to win next season. Sean Breaston and Jon Baldwin are a solid pair of receivers to go with the veteran in the passing game. Jamaal Charles has continually run well and put up great numbers every season. However he will need help from Smith to open up the running game.

One guy that impresses  me more and more all the time is flex player Dexter McCluster. With great speed and the ability to make guys miss, he can both run and catch as well as contributing on special teams.

The Chiefs defense plays better when the offense is scoring and next season the Chiefs need to attack and play more aggressive. I am really hoping Andy Reid brings more firepower and attack to this organization because the last decade has seriously lacked that kind of play mentality. This team is no longer former head coach Dick Vermeil’s team that runs first and passes on third downs. Kansas City needs to start playing to win and I strongly believe they have all the weapons both on the field and in the organization to succeed.

Like Reid, Smith has plenty of leadership experience and has once led the Niners to the NFC Championship. Next fall will be the perfect time for number 11 to show the nation that he hasn’t faded yet. Too many people speculate that his injury and second string status in San Fran last season has put him out of the game.

At 28 years old, Alex Smith still has much more to offer in his career as he heads to the Midwest.


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