I’ve Just Got a Good Feeling

For the first time in years I truly believe the Kansas City Royals may be on the right track to something good. Hopefully, at least, this
year brings a winning season.


Over the past few years the Royals have grown better steadily and actually finished third in the AL Central last season. During this past off-season, they signed pitchers James Shields and Ervin Santana which should bring some more firepower to their rotation. Plus, those two veterans who come in from winning teams could really give this ball club a boost of confidence and experience.

The Royals are already fairly young and talented at the plate. Scoring and beating good teams has not been the issue from my perspective as a KC fan. Consistency has generally been the key issue for this organization.

Looking forward to April, Kansas City’s infield brings back Third Baseman Mike Moustakas, Alcides Escobar at Short, Second Baseman Chris Getz who came over from Chicago in 2010, and the rising hopeful First Base star of this franchise, Eric Hosmer.

In addition, Alex Gordon will strengthens the outfield in left alongside veteran Jeff Francoeur while the big bat comes from Designated Hitter Billy Butler.

Essentially, KC introduces a completely new rotation this year. 14-year veteran Bruce Chen is still hanging around with the Royals since leaving the Rangers after 2007. Besides Shields and Santana, Wade Davis has also joined the squad after four years with the Rays and right hander Jeremy Guthrie has re-joined the Royals after a one year stint in Colorado.

In a recent interview, Shields talked about how some people make modest plans to win down the road three or four years from now. Oppositely, he claims to be a big fan of winning now. Hopefully his leadership transcends to the rest of the young squad and they make a run this year. Whether or not they make the playoffs I am greatly anticipating Kansas City to make some noise in the AL Central along with their first winning record in quite some time.


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