My People?


For some reason, certain people are under the impression that anyone who is Chinese falls under the category of “my people.” Just because I’m half Chinese doesn’t mean that any other Chinese person associates with me. Recently, a friend of mine told me he dated one of my people. Wow, seriously? I don’t even know the girl and he’s labeling — or rather categorizing — her with my ethnic background.

I can relate this experience to being a sports fan. The Kansas City Chiefs are my favorite team, and that same friend I just mentioned will reference players such as running back Jamaal Charles as “my boy”. I have never met any of the players on the Chiefs and I have no connection to them personally. I just root for them on Sundays. My friend is my boy because he and I go way back since our early days of friendship in high school. That is what defines the term “my boy”. When I say I’m going out with my boys tonight, it means that I’ll be accompanied by my best friends.

To me, it just doesn’t make sense. I don’t refer to other white people as “your people” to my white friends. I find it incredibly immature when people see an Asian person and then try to relate it to me in some way.

The way we as Americans perceive and view minority groups in the U.S. is just sad. I can’t stand the way people focus on race. Why does it have to stick out so much in their minds?

I suppose next time I hear a comment like that, I’ll just respond by saying, “oh that’s interesting because today at the grocery store I ran into about a hundred of your people.”

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