A world online

Everybody’s talking no matter what time of day it is. Twitter,
Facebook, LinkedIn, Google plus, pinterest, instagram, snap-chat, tinder, vine, candy crush, flapper, smartphones, and tablets. The list goes on and on, and it’s all addictive.


I’ve never even played candy crush. See to me, it’s just sad that this is what the world has come to. People are turning into robots left and right wherever I turn. Most people these days have a smartphone let alone a cellphone, but the smartphone and tech-savvy people are the worst.

My friends, classmates, teachers, and even my own family has gone over to the other side. That’s right, I call it “the other side”. For those kinds of people, it’s difficult to even go an hour without their phone. They have to be checking their text messages, tweets, status updates, game invites, emails, and all the other crap they deem necessary and important to life.

Even when I’m in a lecture, the professor has pulled out their phone before. If that isn’t bad enough, I’ve been interviewing for jobs in the past where employers have pulled out their phones. Talk about professionalism. My old man didn’t believe me when I told him that parents and other adults are becoming just as bad as kids these days with their phones and technology.

It’s true. People in today’s society are so wrapped up in communication and technology, that we have forgotten how to enjoy life.

Everyday when I walk to class or my internship, I pass at least twenty people with earphones in listening to music. What, you can’t go five to ten minutes just hearing the sounds of passing cars, birds chirping, or police sirens?

I am probably one of the few who seldom uses their phone. Yeah I have a smartphone, a Samsung galaxy III at that. However, I only use it to text and call, for GPS maps and navigation, listening to music at the gym, and to watch YouTube videos while going number 2.

This new phenomenon has become so big, that it’s hard to ignore for people like me who actually take a look around once in a while and look at the big picture. Sometimes I go out to eat with my dad, brother and sister, and I notice that two if not all three of them will be scrolling up and down on their phones while we wait for our food. Five years ago, my parents told us to put our phones away and not text under the table while we ate together because it’s considered rude. I guess it’s not anymore.

Yesterday when I went to Qdoba for half-off, I saw several tables of Towson students who were sitting right across from each other and not talking, just looking at their phones. How pathetic have we as a society become that we care more about what’s on our screens or what’s going on somewhere else, rather than what’s right in front of our own faces?

When Grand Theft Auto V came out, I loved playing it. One thing I noticed about my style of game play was that I hardly checked text messages or emails. When another important character called me, I usually ignored it. The point is, I was having fun with the game and didn’t want to be bothered by technology. It’s just a waste of time. In a way, I wish I could live my own life like that. Actually, sometimes I do. I’ll hear my phone going off in the other room, but if I’m busy with something I’ll let it go to voice mail. If I miss three messages and see it later, I just won’t open them because it happened so long ago. A lot of my friends say I’m bad with my phone, and I’m glad they feel that way.

Don’t get me wrong, I check my emails, I have a Facebook and Twitter account. I need to do and use those things for school and eventually for work. However, I don’t use every app there is and I’m not hooked on my phone for hours of each day. In fact, I turn my phone off when I go into class.

You might be thinking that I’m anti-social or being very negative toward this change of technology. I’m just living far beyond what everyone else has found to be amusing and their meaning of waking up for each day.

I still go out on weekends, I hang out with friends during the week. But I don’t take pictures of everything I see including my food. Sometimes, I just wish that life could go back to the way it used to be during the 90’s and early 2000s when I was a kid. At school, there were no phones, and by the time there were, teachers forced us to either turn them off or keep them in our lockers. Also, people hung out and actually paid attention to each other in real live conversation.

This may sound crazy, but I envy my roommate who still carries a basic flip phone. He doesn’t even know what he’s not missing out on.


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