Social media and technology in a changing world

Watch this video and think about how real this actually is.

As entertaining and beneficial social media can be, it is not a necessity to be happy and connected in this world.

If you have a phone, an email and you go out on weekends, you’ll be just fine. Excessive social media usage is causing people to miss the important things in life.

We can all still stay in touch without being on our phones, iPads and laptops 24/7, looking at photos, comments, memes, and everything else internet throws at us.

I primarily use YouTube and WordPress. I have dialed it back with Facebook and Twitter, because I’m already heavily involved on those platforms for my journalism classes or the clubs I’m involved in on campus.

In the real world, communication including social media is now a vital aspect of business  functions.

Social media can be a fun and entertaining way to stay in tune with current events and keep in touch with friends and family. The problem comes into the picture when social media and technology gets in the way of relationships. Back when cell phones started becoming popular during my middle school days, it was the parents, who were scrutinizing us for using phones in class, always wanting to talk to each other, playing games on our phones, and best of all…for texting.

Now, it seems like virtually every adult is using a phone more than I am, and I’m 21-years-old. My mom and dad use their phones more than I do. My sister is addicted, and my brother, well he goes in and out of phases.

The only people that feel the same way I do, is one of my roommates who still uses a flip phone. And the second is a member in one of my clubs, who sees the same thing I do: people are addicted to technology and social media, and it has taken a toll on society.

What do you think? Is the rapid advance in technology and social media positive or negative for society?


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