Please, Not Another Boring Super Bowl


As much as I loved watching the Chiefs beat the Chargers to end the season on a high note, I was also disappointed that they did not land the last wildcard playoff spot. The 2014 season got off to a rocky start, but despite setbacks including Eric Berry’s diagnosis of lymphoma and Alex Smith’s injury, Kansas City had its chances to capitalize and decide their fate on numerous occasions over the course of the season.

Oh well. Another season has come and gone for my team, so I will just have to wait until September. At least I enjoyed Justin Houston giving Phillip Rivers a hell of a day, bringing San Diego’s playoff hopes to an end. But, now that the playoffs have reached the divisional round, I just hope that the Super Bowl will be different this year. It would be nice to see some different teams for a change. Perhaps a surprising run would be nice.

From the AFC, the one and only team I would not have minded rooting for in the Super Bowl, the Cincinnati Bengals, are already out. It is a tough conference.  The majority of the AFC playoff teams have playoff experience, and those teams have consistently been competing for championships over the past several years.

Below are the remaining teams in the AFC playoff picture. Here, I break down my reasons for why I do not care to see any of them win it at all.

New England: Ever since Tom Brady and Bill Belichick led the franchise to three Super Bowl victories from 2001-2004, it is hard to come by any fans who pull for the Pats except for true Patriots fans. But once again, they find themselves heavily favored after securing home field advantage.

Denver: First of all, I am a Kansas City fan so I hate the Broncos. With Peyton Manning ready to avenge last year’s disastrous Super Bowl, the Broncos are another team that will be tough to beat. However, the one weakness that has followed Manning throughout his career from Indianapolis, is cold weather and away games in the playoffs. That is the only reason the Broncos might not make it to Super Bowl Sunday.

Indianapolis: The Colts are another team that I have gotten tired of seeing in the playoffs. The Chiefs have lost to them three times in the playoffs during my life time. It still angers me to think about last year’s heroic comeback led by Andrew Luck. Even though their last championship was 8 years ago, they have reached the playoffs 11 times since 2000.

Baltimore: I am biased against the Ravens because I went to school and lived in the area for four years. They just won the Super Bowl two years ago, and have consistently made playoff appearances for the past eight seasons.

The NFC, on the other hand, posed more variety of playoff teams that have experienced lengthy droughts, at least in the beginning of the postseason. Of the remaining teams, here is my take on which two teams I have put my final hopes in.

Seattle: They just won the Super Bowl last year, so a repeat would be boring unless you root for them.

Green Bay: Like Pittsburgh and New England, they added a Super Bowl a couple of years ago to their historic collection. They are tough to beat especially at Lambeau, but if there is a team who can pull off the tough task on the road, it would be Dallas.

Dallas: The Cowboys are having their best season since 2009 when they won their first playoff game in over a decade. Aside from calling themselves “America’s team” with five total championships, they actually deserve a change of luck from all the choking and late season disappointment during the Romo era. I would rather see Carolina make it to the Super Bowl, but it would not hurt to see Dallas finally win a championship again and piss off Philadelphia in the process.

Carolina: The Panthers made two remarkable playoff runs during the early 2000s. Since 2005, not much has stirred. Therefore, I have no problem watching them make it to Super Bowl Sunday.

My ideal Super Bowl this year would hopefully feature the Carolina Panthers and Indianapolis Colts, with Cam Newton leading the Panthers to their first Super Bowl victory ever. Just imagine how remarkable of a story it would be for Newton, who was in a car accident just one month ago, to pull off an incredible underdog story of a 7-8-1 regular season team who managed to stun everyone in the playoffs. Now that would make for a memorable ending to a great NFL season.


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