Enough is enough: Take away playoff rights!


This is just crazy. Tom Brady is already one of the highest paid and most famous quarterbacks in the NFL – so why did he need to cheat? Besides, this “cheating scandal” (which involved New England Patriots personnel underinflating footballs prior to the AFC Championship game) didn’t even make a difference in the outcome – the Patriots soundly defeated the Indianapolis Colts 45-7.

The fact that Tom Brady and the Patriots were at least aware of and/or had some level of involvement with the “ball tampering” is ridiculous.

I’m glad Brady received a four-game suspension for this coming season. With backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo most likely to replace him during that brief stint, they could very well lose all four games to start off the new season with a 0-4 record.

Despite Brady’s suspension, two docked future draft picks, and a $1 million fine for the New England organization, this punishment just doesn’t seem like enough. They deserve to miss the playoffs completely. You might be asking why I am I so harsh, right?

Let’s take a quick look back to 2007.

This isn’t the first time the New England Patriots have been caught cheating. If you can recall the Spygate case which involved the team filming opponent practices, maybe you can understand why I feel so strongly about a harsh punishment for both Brady and the Patriots.

Although Tom Brady is often referred to as “pretty boy” and “golden boy,” I don’t hate him for that. I don’t despise his lavish lifestyle, model wife Gisele Bündchen, or even the number of super bowls he’s won. What I don’t like is that he and his team have been caught cheating more than once. So, I believe it’s time he and the Patriots pay the price.

Now going back to second string quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo. I’m actually somewhat familiar with his talent and potential. While at Eastern Illinois University, he played against my alma mater –the Towson Tigers – during the 2013 playoffs. He’s good. I specifically remember the broadcasters at the time, forecasting his bright future as an NFL-worthy quarterback. Although the Panthers lost that game to Towson, he put on a great performance. Garoppolo is still very young. After all this is only his second season, so there’s a lot of pressure and big shoes to fill while Brady is out.

Like I said, hopefully the Patriots start off 0-4 – which will at least give them more of a challenge to come back and win enough games to make the playoffs. It can be done, but few teams have overcome an early season deficit like that.

I’d like to know what you think. Did Brady and the Pats receive harsh enough punishment?


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