Back in job market, gracefully accepting reality


I’m back in the job market. It’s been about one week since I stopped working. Nine months after being unemployed from mid-October to November 2014, I find myself back in the same spot.

On the bright side, this allows me to re-evaluate my life and find a new opportunity.

To provide some background, my first job was heavy in sales. I learned quickly that sales definitely isn’t the field for me. After that position, I moved back home and began working for a public relations firm. Although I enjoyed my time there, things just didn’t work out.

What troubles me the most is deciding what to do in life. I love producing videos and other creative visuals, but unfortunately I didn’t major in film or graphic design during college. It’s never too late to learn something new, but finding a job where I can be successful — no matter what kind of work — is more important to me right now. Balancing work with hobbies isn’t easy. Despite being passionate about video production and graphic design, I’m forced to settle with pursuing those passions outside of a full-time job.

Although I wish I could live my passion by making videos and designing banners, logos, etc., the money just isn’t there. If I was an incredibly talented and experienced videographer, producer, or designer, perhaps I could be making lots of money doing what I love.

I’m not giving up my passion. I am, however, focused on finding a new job, working hard, saving money, and advancing in my career; all while continuing my YouTube channel, blogging, and improving my design skills during free time. My job search has primarily been in the field of communications, marketing, digital media, public relations, and multimedia production.

My mass communications degree provides me with a solid background in journalism and new media. In addition, my editorial internship and professional work experience have molded me into a well-rounded young professional with marketing and digital media skills.

I have a very positive outlook on my immediate situation and longterm future. As I’ve discussed in one of my past blogs, it’s tough accepting reality in the professional world when dealing with financial issues. Yet, there’s nothing wrong with compromising to reach a happy medium in life.

If you know any companies in the Baltimore or Washington, D.C., metro areas hiring junior-level professionals in communications, marketing, digital media, public relations, or multimedia production, please share my resume via LinkedIn and my email:

Thanks, and wish me luck on my job search!


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