Grandpa Ponsing’s Funeral

March 8, 2018

This evening, I attended Genevieve’s grandpa Ponsing’s viewing. Joining Genevieve and her family for this service made me think of death I’ve experienced in my life.

I recalled when my De De (dad’s father) passed away during my sophomore year of high school, my former miniature schnauzer Kramer’s death during freshman year, and my great grandpa John’s death when I was just 8 years old.

Now I start to prepare myself for when my grandma and grandpa, Nai Nai and great aunt Judy, and current dogs Riley “Bupp” and TK “Hule” will eventually pass on. It’s sad to think about. The last time I cried was when my mom told me about my grandpa’s current health condition several months ago – and that he’s not too far from eventually nearing his final stretch.

Despite death being sad, awkward and difficult to understand, death is a natural part of life. Below are some photos I took yesterday evening during the viewing service:


March 9, 2018

Today is the funeral service. It’s one of those partly sunny, partly cloudy days in San Diego, which reassures me of the fact that God is watching over Ponsing as he ascends into heaven. Although there will be moments of sadness today for all friends and family in attendance, there will also be moments of joy – as there were last night when Genevieve and her brother, Darrel, were joking about the good times and memories with Grandpa Ponsing.

This past Wednesday night, we flew to L.A. from Washington D.C. After landing, picking up Genevieve’s suitcase from the baggage claim, and picking up our rental car, it was already past 11 pm PST (2 am EST). We then drove nearly two hours south to arrive at our hotel in downtown San Diego at about 1 am PST. By then, I had been awake for almost 24 hours straight since waking up at 5 am EST on Wednesday morning to work from home before heading to the airport later that afternoon.

Last night, we went to bed early. This morning, we woke up early. We are dressed and ready for the funeral.

Photos from the service below:

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