Vacay Journal

It’s the end of day four on my Cali vacation with Genevieve. This afternoon, we arrived at my Nai Nai (grandmother in Chinese) and great aunt Judy’s house in Irvine. Immediately, Nai Nai and aunt Judy loved Genevieve, which made me so happy and proud.

Since leaving San Diego and arriving back in L.A., I just wanted to take a moment to reflect on the most recent events. For one thing, I just got some new clothes (courtesy of Genevieve), new shoes, have been eating amazing food, and capturing awesome moments on camera.

Here are some photos from San Diego and L.A. thus far:



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Today at lunch, Genevieve surprised me with tickets to tomorrow night’s Anaheim Ducks vs. St. Louis Blues NHL hockey game!



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……..Over a month later, I am finally wrapping up this post (as I usually do since I’m a lazy blogger).

Overall, vacation was much needed, relaxing, fun, and a great time with Genevieve, our families and her friends. The only downside was that I got sick midway through the trip. Now that I’m back home in Maryland, and have returned to work and the usual routine, I still enjoy looking back at these blog posts during the trip and countless photos we took. New video to come eventually!


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