The Playoffs…continued

chiefs pats afc champ game.jpg

Well, they did it. The Chiefs won their first home playoff game at Arrowhead Stadium in 25 years – beating the Colts 31-13 last weekend to advance to the first ever AFC Championship game hosted at Arrowhead this Sunday night.

It felt good to see the Chiefs FINALLY get the monkey off the backs of this franchise. I’m even more impressed with just how unsatisfied the entire team, coaching staff, organization, and fans are. We all want more than just a home playoff win or a potential conference title. We want a freaking SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONSHIP returned to this city for the first time since 1969; 50 years long, long, LONG overdue.

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My Favorite Movies


I LOVE movies. I’m not a movie buff per say, but I genuinely enjoy everything about movies – the various genres, film making, cinematography, camera technology, acting, themes, film techniques and styles, watching in a movie theater, matching music with film, and watching movies with my girlfriend, Genevieve (we watch A LOT of movies both at home and at the theaters).

When it comes to genres, I can get down with just about anything from action to drama, comedy, crime, some horror, and even rom-coms. I get scared easily so most horror doesn’t interest or sit well with me, but there are a few exceptions. My younger brother mostly makes me watch scary movies with him while we’re on vacation.

Below is my ongoing list of all-time favorite movies – however this list is unordered by rank and excludes most sagas/trilogies, holiday movies, animated movies, Disney classics and most true comedies just because that extended list could go on for a while. For example, I left out greats like Star Wars and Indiana Jones, Christmas classics, and lots of famous funny flicks. The only movie on this list that is my true all-time favorite is ranked number one – and that’s Goodfellas. I could literally watch this movie every day. Part of me secretly used to want to be in the Italian mafia!

The movies you see below are my go-to’s, what I consider exceptionally great, and overall well made films. Everything about these movies makes me want to re-watch them over and over again. Some of these are widely known, others not so much. Some of them didn’t even get high ratings or reviews from IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes – but I don’t care because critics aren’t perfect judges.

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The Playoffs

The Chiefs play the Colts this Saturday in the AFC Divisional Playoffs…and I’m NOT looking forward to it.


Because they haven’t won a home playoff game since 1993. Every post season since that year has also ended with the same ole’ heartbreak and disappointment. I hate to sound pessimistic, but you can’t blame me for thinking that way after being a fan for 26 years. And I know older Chiefs fans think even worse, just read the Chiefs Facebook page comments. Furthermore, they’ve only won a single playoff game period in that same span – beating the Texans in Houston 30-0 in 2016.


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