Common Core and Education: How school should really be taught

I’ve always gone to public school. When I finally settle down someday and have kids of my own, I’ll probably end up sending them to public school too.

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Recent News: Fatal Wreck Kills Mother of Two


This afternoon I read a story about a 4-year-old girl who kept she and her 2-year-old sister safe after a fatal car crash that killed their mother in Washington state.

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Change for the better


Gym class has officially changed.

According to a New York Times online article, kids in elementary school across the country are now balancing math problems, laws of nature and even basic fundamental skills during common P.E. activities. Children review math concepts, balance on one arm in the push-up position while stacking over-sized Lego blocks in organized columns labeled “ones”, “tens” and “hundreds”. Some activities require a problem to be solved before advancing to the next check-point in a game.

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