Chiefs Summer Talk – Tamba Hali Frustrated

Tamba Hali - OLB, Kansas City Chiefs

At the end of July 2017, Kansas City Chiefs veteran outside linebacker, Tamba Hali, released a series of tweets on Twitter expressing his frustration toward the Chiefs organization regarding his lack of playing time and respect toward his tenure with the team.

2017-08-21 17_39_54-Tamba Hali (@TambaHali91) _ Twitter

I completely understand his point of view and support his comments. Despite being an 11-year veteran who has dealt with injuries, he absolutely deserves more playing time. Tamba has done nothing but work hard throughout his career, play extremely well (455 career tackles, 89.5 sacks and 32 forced fumbles), stay out of trouble on and off the field, and give his all for the organization and Kansas City.

“Am I needed in KC anymore?”

The answer is yes. Yes, Tamba – you definitely are still needed in KC and always will be throughout the remainder of your career in the NFL. In my eyes, you’re a hero, icon, and very wise/much needed veteran presence for Kansas City as a football team and organization. In order to win in the playoffs and make a super bowl run this coming season, we need your leadership to get us over the final hump to overcome some of the top teams in the AFC – like New England, Pittsburgh and Oakland.

Do I understand Andy Reid commenting that Tamba should not have chosen Twitter as his platform to voice his frustration? Yes, absolutely. Social media can certainly be a dangerous avenue considering how much trouble athletes and other celebrities can get into when putting their thoughts on blast over social media. Ideally, it would have been best for Tamba to confront coach Reid and the Chiefs’ front office, as well as hold a constructive press conference to voice his concerns with the right messaging.

I strongly disagree with recently promoted (and youngest GM in the NFL) Brett Veach summing up Tamba’s recent input as a result of off-season boredom.

“I think Tamba forgot what day training camp started,” said Veach during a press conference after the tweets received mediate attention.

Tamba is not incompetent – he knows when training camp starts. He’s just eager to play and doesn’t want the end of his career to finish out with only 7 snaps in crucial games like the Pittsburgh playoff game – which is ridiculous.

From a fan’s perspective, I don’t believe veterans like Tamba Hali and Derrick Johnson should be overlooked just because of their age and battles with injuries. What if Chiefs former tight end and future hall-of-famer, Tony Gonzalez, finished his career with us instead of Atlanta? Would we have treated him this way? I doubt it. Tamba Hali is one of the best defensive players this franchise has ever had. Furthermore, he’s stuck with us through his entire career – even when we went 2-14 in 2012. That shows a lot.

I also believe that as a true sports fan – and particularly a Kansas City Chiefs fan – it is my duty to remain loyal to the Chiefs, Kansas City and any players who represent the Chiefs. As long as Chiefs players give their all on that field, demonstrate good sportsmanship, live humbly, and stay out of trouble off the field, I have nothing but respect for them no matter if the team wins or loses. To me, that’s what being a true fan is all about. So for Tamba to be frustrated like this, I feel like the least I can do is show my support.

At the end of the day, I’m only a fan with opinions like any other football fan. Pre-season is starting and the Chiefs will make their decisions one way or another. I just hope Tamba Hali gets treated better this season and realizes that from a fan’s point of view, we still appreciate him playing for Kansas City.


Back in job market, gracefully accepting reality


I’m back in the job market. It’s been about one week since I stopped working. Nine months after being unemployed from mid-October to November 2014, I find myself back in the same spot.

On the bright side, this allows me to re-evaluate my life and find a new opportunity.

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Transition to the real world: Life after college for a young professional

tie-690084_1280Lifestyle trends for recent college graduates in the U.S. are shifting. Landing a job after school, buying a house, and settling down to start a family is not always a standard path of life as it once was in past decades. Rising debt from student loans are causing many graduates to move back home with their parents, and work to save enough money to become independent and stand on their own feet.

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A Modern Relationship for a Recent College Grad

Danny and Me

How soon is too early to think about marriage? How do you
approach your 20’s knowing that some girls want kids before they turn 30?

I’ve been with my girlfriend for eight and half months. We’re both just 22 years old and she’s already expressed interest in getting married by age 25 or 26. Her plan is to settle down and have three kids by the time we’re in our early 30’s.

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Older Brother of a National Guard Recruit

Cam and IThis morning my younger brother got picked up by his recruitment officer, to officially enlist in the National Guard. He will only be gone for one overnight stay a couple of hours away, but it’s strange to think the time has finally come.

He turned 18 back in November, so technically he can make his own decisions now. Personally I have no problem with his choice, but it is a long-term commitment. Originally he was thinking of signing up for ROTC, but several factors including my parents’ advice, and time changed his decision.

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Listen to this song while reading: 

In exactly one week I’ll be graduating from college. 

When I was nine years old, I always wondered why time moved so slow. Now, at 22 years old and living on my own, I can’t believe how fast the years have flown by.

Looking back over my four years at Towson, I couldn’t be happier at how things turned out. I did a lot in such a short and memorable amount of time.

76066_134116426751486_1584062244_nI studied abroad in China for a semester, helped start a fraternity, was president of a club, had an internship, landed a full-time job for after school, made a lot of great friends, got to see Tigers football make it to the national championship, witnessed the turn around of the basketball program, saw Kid Cudi at Tigerfest sophomore year, and truly learned a lot about myself.

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A world online

Everybody’s talking no matter what time of day it is. Twitter,
Facebook, LinkedIn, Google plus, pinterest, instagram, snap-chat, tinder, vine, candy crush, flapper, smartphones, and tablets. The list goes on and on, and it’s all addictive.


I’ve never even played candy crush. See to me, it’s just sad that this is what the world has come to. People are turning into robots left and right wherever I turn. Most people these days have a smartphone let alone a cellphone, but the smartphone and tech-savvy people are the worst.

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My People?


For some reason, certain people are under the impression that anyone who is Chinese falls under the category of “my people.” Just because I’m half Chinese doesn’t mean that any other Chinese person associates with me. Recently, a friend of mine told me he dated one of my people. Wow, seriously? I don’t even know the girl and he’s labeling — or rather categorizing — her with my ethnic background.

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