Kansas City Royals: A nontraditional mid-season report

We’re well past the mid-way point in Major League Baseball’s (MLB)
2015 season; and this should’ve been written immediately following the All-Star break in mid-July. But, let me just take a moment to say:

Kansas City is killing it this year!


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Enough is enough: Take away playoff rights!


This is just crazy. Tom Brady is already one of the highest paid and most famous quarterbacks in the NFL – so why did he need to cheat? Besides, this “cheating scandal” (which involved New England Patriots personnel underinflating footballs prior to the AFC Championship game) didn’t even make a difference in the outcome – the Patriots soundly defeated the Indianapolis Colts 45-7.

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Football is Losing Fundamentals

It happens every season: football players fail to wrap up and actually finish a tackle.

Poor tackling in football is similar to today’s world of journalism — specifically digital media — typos are found between the lines of professionally written articles, blogs, and social media posts ALL THE TIME.

And unfortunately, correct form tackling seems to have become nearly extinct in both NFL and college football. In all honesty, I have to think long and hard to remember the last time I saw a solid fundamentally made tackle.


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Please, Not Another Boring Super Bowl


As much as I loved watching the Chiefs beat the Chargers to end the season on a high note, I was also disappointed that they did not land the last wildcard playoff spot. The 2014 season got off to a rocky start, but despite setbacks including Eric Berry’s diagnosis of lymphoma and Alex Smith’s injury, Kansas City had its chances to capitalize and decide their fate on numerous occasions over the course of the season.

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Forever Proud

In recent news, the Kansas City Royals lost to the San Francisco Giants in the World Series. As a loyal and native Kansas City sports fan, I was sad to see catcher Salvador Perez pop out to end game 7.

However, I couldn’t be more happy and proud of that city and team for such a thrilling ride and past few weeks of playoff baseball. Furthermore, what a great season we had. I was especially happy when the Royals swept the Orioles because I got to go to work in downtown Baltimore and walk around with a smiling face, knowing that no one in the office could say anything to me.

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Pat Skerry Q&A


For a recent class assignment in my Broadcast Journalism course, I chose to interview Towson men’s basketball head coach Pat Skerry. Listen and enjoy hearing about what the Tigers are doing to turn things around both on and off the court.

March is Dismal, but Boy Does it Get Rowdy

basketball-89829_1920March is the worst month of the year, at least if you live in the north east like me. You never know what to wear because there are those  days that bring unusual warm weather form time to time. Just when you think spring has arrived, the long and bleak 31 days are filled with cold, bitter rain combined with sleet and the occasional snow instead.

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QB Alex Smith to Kansas City


Not only am I pumped for baseball season because of all the changes the Royals have made, but I am obviously looking forward to next fall.

After a disastrous 2-14 season with Cassel failing to lead a young and talented team with plenty of stars on both offense and defense, and Javon Belcher’s murder-suicide tragedy, Kansas City needs a fresh start.

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I’m not a huge fan of rapper 50 Cent but I occasionally enjoy his music. So when I first stumbled upon this YouTube video, I couldn’t help but think that his odd and funny behavior was caused by drugs or alcohol. Obviously since this event takes place at the Daytona 500, alcohol is definitely present. However, I actually think that he might just be acting goofy during the time of this broadcast when ESPN Reporter Erin Andrews happens to run into him.

The good thing is that she plays it off well. Even though she shakes her head away from him as he goes in for the kiss, she doesn’t get upset or cause a scene. It’s not like he was all over her he just went in for a kiss and who could blame any guy for making an attempt? Andrews is a very pretty woman and she is probably used to these kind of humorous encounters. Nothing beyond a good bit of awkward fun was meant by 50 Cent in my opinion.

Moreover, I respect Andrews a whole lot actually. Not only is she a successful reporter for one of the most-watched sports networks but she has overcome guys treating her a certain way and incidents like the one a few years ago when someone was accused of spying on her while she was naked in her hotel room.

A video like this was funny and amusing to watch, and realistically not a huge ordeal to be worried about.

Are You Serious?


According to Espn.com, Alabama has offered a scholarship to eight grader and 2017 prospect Dylan Moses. Go ahead and watch this video because it is pretty amusing and hilarious especially at 00:52.

However, I completely disagree with the extremely early decision to offer a scholarship to a kid who is 14 years old. The game changes as everyone gets older and actually grows to their full potential size later on in high school.

Okay so right now that kid is fast, hits hard and is freakishly big so he can bowl everyone over. So what? I think Alabama has gone too far this time to even be scouting someone that young, immature, naive, and unprepared to even think about the NFL.

Why feed into his ego even more? A kid like him is probably walking around thinking he’s super cool just because he’s that good at football. This kind of pressure put on him this early will only result in him turning into a bust later on.

The game of football has sadly become so important that scouts go to all extremes just to find these kids when they’re still sprouting.