Common Core and Education: How school should really be taught

I’ve always gone to public school. When I finally settle down someday and have kids of my own, I’ll probably end up sending them to public school too.

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Older Brother of a National Guard Recruit

Cam and IThis morning my younger brother got picked up by his recruitment officer, to officially enlist in the National Guard. He will only be gone for one overnight stay a couple of hours away, but it’s strange to think the time has finally come.

He turned 18 back in November, so technically he can make his own decisions now. Personally I have no problem with his choice, but it is a long-term commitment. Originally he was thinking of signing up for ROTC, but several factors including my parents’ advice, and time changed his decision.

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Please, Not Another Boring Super Bowl


As much as I loved watching the Chiefs beat the Chargers to end the season on a high note, I was also disappointed that they did not land the last wildcard playoff spot. The 2014 season got off to a rocky start, but despite setbacks including Eric Berry’s diagnosis of lymphoma and Alex Smith’s injury, Kansas City had its chances to capitalize and decide their fate on numerous occasions over the course of the season.

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Forever Proud

In recent news, the Kansas City Royals lost to the San Francisco Giants in the World Series. As a loyal and native Kansas City sports fan, I was sad to see catcher Salvador Perez pop out to end game 7.

However, I couldn’t be more happy and proud of that city and team for such a thrilling ride and past few weeks of playoff baseball. Furthermore, what a great season we had. I was especially happy when the Royals swept the Orioles because I got to go to work in downtown Baltimore and walk around with a smiling face, knowing that no one in the office could say anything to me.

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Listen to this song while reading: 

In exactly one week I’ll be graduating from college. 

When I was nine years old, I always wondered why time moved so slow. Now, at 22 years old and living on my own, I can’t believe how fast the years have flown by.

Looking back over my four years at Towson, I couldn’t be happier at how things turned out. I did a lot in such a short and memorable amount of time.

76066_134116426751486_1584062244_nI studied abroad in China for a semester, helped start a fraternity, was president of a club, had an internship, landed a full-time job for after school, made a lot of great friends, got to see Tigers football make it to the national championship, witnessed the turn around of the basketball program, saw Kid Cudi at Tigerfest sophomore year, and truly learned a lot about myself.

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A world online

Everybody’s talking no matter what time of day it is. Twitter,
Facebook, LinkedIn, Google plus, pinterest, instagram, snap-chat, tinder, vine, candy crush, flapper, smartphones, and tablets. The list goes on and on, and it’s all addictive.


I’ve never even played candy crush. See to me, it’s just sad that this is what the world has come to. People are turning into robots left and right wherever I turn. Most people these days have a smartphone let alone a cellphone, but the smartphone and tech-savvy people are the worst.

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My People?


For some reason, certain people are under the impression that anyone who is Chinese falls under the category of “my people.” Just because I’m half Chinese doesn’t mean that any other Chinese person associates with me. Recently, a friend of mine told me he dated one of my people. Wow, seriously? I don’t even know the girl and he’s labeling — or rather categorizing — her with my ethnic background.

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